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6 Reasons to Partner With Us

  1. Feed a Nation. In a post-conflict nation struggling with basic nutrition, we empower Timorese to think and eat healthy. Meal by meal, we are rebuilding a malnourished nation from the ground up. Lesson by lesson, we are nourishing a people across the land. With a population of only 1 million, together we truly can.
  2. A Country in Need. Due to low literacy rates, Timor-Leste is extraordinarily limited in human resources at every level. A young country with modest means, Timor-Leste relies heavily on local NGO’s such as HIAM Health for key services and support. But we can’t do it alone.
  3. For Locals, By Locals. HIAM Health  has been fighting malnutrition in Timor-Leste since 2003.  From cause to impact, treatment to rehabilitation to prevention, our team fully understands every nuance. Not only do we speak the language, we know the ways around cultural barriers that block behavior change.
  4. We‘re Active and Effective. Working tirelessly with numerous children, mothers, caregivers and villages over the past decade, we have now developed a systematic approach to tackling the multi-layered issue of malnutrition specific to Timor-Leste. Our two-prong approach of rehabilitation and education has garnered an 80% success rate.
  5. Keeping On. Going Green. Because our “graduates” spread the knowledge once they’re back home, our programs are sustainable at a community level. And since we teach communities to grow community gardens, we’re also environmentally friendly.
  6. Power the Cycle of Joy. Our MR&EC is a happy place. Every child is stimulated emotionally during physical rehabilitation, while mothers grow empowered as they witness their child being brought back to full health. And group morale is boosted as they share experiences during workshops.
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Training and garden facility
Our 800sqm training and garden facility at the MR&EC.
During a HIAM Health staff meeting
Mothers discharged with healthy toddlers, food & hygine items, and health & nutrition information.
HIAM Health local staff
HIAM Management Team.
A good cause for celebration
Community group from Soibada taking residential course in horticulture and health.

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