Hamutuk Ita Ajuda Malu Together We Help Each Other
HIAM Health
HIAM Health, a local NGO established in 2004, is a vital voice in Timor-Leste’s fight against malnutrition.

Malnourished People In A Land Without Famine

Girl surrounded by litter
HIAM Health staff (with caps) help a father establish a Home Kitchen Garden.

Typically, food shortages arise when the land is barren or suffering drought. However, Timor-Leste is so fertile, almost anything grows. So why are the Timorese malnourished?

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Our Name,
Our Calling

HIAM Health Talk
The face of Timor-Leste. He is the reason we endeavour.

HIAM Health derives from the acronym of our tagline, Hamutuk Ita Ajuda Malu or "Together, we help each other". Only together, can we eradicate the misery of malnutrition.

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