HIAM Health, a local NGO established in 2004, is a vital voice in Timor-Leste’s fight against malnutrition.

Malnourished People In A Land Without Famine

HIAM Health staff help a father establish.

More than 20 years after independence, Timor Leste's rate of child malnutrition remains stubbornly high, with nearly half of children suffering from stunting and one child in eight receiving a balanced diet. This is not just a personal tragedy for each child afflicted by this, but also puts at risk our young nation's future.

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What do we do? It's there in our name

Girl surrounded by litter

HIAM Health derives from the acronym of our tagline in Tetun: Hamutuk Ita Ajuda Malu In English, it means "Together we help each other". Because only by working together can we eradicate the misery of malnutrition. And in Timorese culture, the two hands with the palms up in our logo means "my hands are free and ready to serve you".

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How we change lives, one family at a time

Growing nutritious food in a home garden

Community empowerment is the cornerstone of our ambitious goal to eradicate malnutrition. Our focus is on promoting nutrition-sensitive agriculture, running horticultural training courses, promoting the superfood Moringa, and linking farmers with markets for their produce.

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How you can help us to do even more

The face of Timor Leste is why we do what we do

HIAM Health was founded in humble circumstances but with an ambitious goal to eradicate the blight of child malnutrition. More than 20 years later, the goal remains but we need the support of our international partners to ensure all Timorese people each healthier and live better.

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